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Here we are again, the Complete Society blog is live again after a hiatus of many months.  For those who remember earlier versions, I’ve moved this blog to a new hosting location and a new design, but the content is going to be very similar.

For anyone who’s new, this blog chronicles the events, ideas, conversations, etc in my experience which contribute to moving us all towards a bright green future.  My take on these things is going to be a big picture approach – how does any particular bit fit into the overall system, what are the whole system relationships, dependencies, impacts?

Personally, I’m moving into a new phase of my life and work, even more focused on advancing what I’ve been calling the Complete Society.  I’m consulting to two different startups at the intersection of Internet and sustainability as well as starting a new MBA program in Sustainable Management at the Presidio World College.  While this load may mean I don’t have much time to blog, all this work should provide plenty of blog material!

I hope you’ll find this blog interesting, a perspective worth reading, and I totally encourage you to send comments or links to other content that you think is worth discussing in the big picture.


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