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Vibe Society

Vibe Society is an association of dancers passionate about helping everyone express and enjoy their own unique dance.

Vibe is a dance style that is based on three simple ideas:

  • Connect in every moment to your energy
  • Express your energy without reservation
  • Focus on how you feel, not how you look

The principles of spreading Vibe are:

  • Everyone is a dancer. Some just don’t know it yet.
  • There is no right or wrong way to move
  • Dancing doesn’t need to be about anything more than having fun and enjoying life
  • Meet people where they are (physically, emotionally)
  • Make dance accessible

The Vibe Society accomplishes its mission by targeting people who don’t know they are dancers yet, who feel fearful or uncomfortable about dancing, or who just want to have more fun on the dance floor. Things we do include:

  • Leading classes and workshops
  • Leading experiences at other events such as retreats, conferences, etc.
  • Hosting super accessible, welcoming dance parties
  • Seeking out and dancing with less expressed people at dance events
  • Spreading and amplifying the Vibe principles and anything that supports a cultural shift towards everyone feeling like they can dance


Vibe Society members share resources and opportunities to help each other spread the love of dance.

Public Directory / Marketing

Members can post their offerings – classes, experiences, services, venues to the Public Directory. Vibe Society will market the Directory through the best channels to reach the target audience, including:

  • Event planners
  • Dance venues
  • Complementary venues like yoga studios
  • Festivals and special events, conferences
  • Partner organizations with similar or complementary missions
  • Other members established communities

The Vibe Society website, FB page and Public Directory will be the best resource for adding dance into people’s events, companies, social lives and everyday routines.

Resources and Opportunities

Vibe Society members will have access to the network and offered resources of other members that have been pulled together by the association.

  • Teaching and experience content
    • Library of exercises that work well in getting people to open up, relax and dance
    • Class and experience templates – collections of exercises and guides for how to teach or lead a class or experience
    • Marketing content: Language and collateral that has worked well in attracting people to events, classes, etc.
    • Music Playlists – song collections with descriptions of how they’ve been useful to leaders
  • People
    • Teachers, facilitators who can partner on an event or step in if the teacher needs a substitute
    • DJs who can customize or improvise music for a dance class, experience or party
  • Venues and Equipment
    • Connections and discounts for dance spaces
    • Silent disco setups?
    • Party vendors discounts?
  • Classes
    • Discounted access to other members’ classes to grow each member’s ability to teach and facilitate

Dance Labs will offer a legal structure for Vibe Society members that need a legal entity to conduct an event, experience or class. Members can become contractors to Dance Labs as needed so that Dance Labs can handle things like liability, insurance, payments, contracts, etc.




  1. Hey there! Really love the idea. As an aspiring professional dancer, I’m definitely hooked up on the idea and want to know more. I’m from Costa Rica btw 🙂

    Comment by Mike Li | March 3, 2015 | Reply

  2. FYI, Mike Lin is currently bing trained to facilitate The Freedom To Ask and is part of a professional dance troupe.

    Comment by msnaomicolb | March 3, 2015 | Reply

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